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Bespoke Verse poetry as seen on Dragons' Den

Bespoke Verse

Sometimes we want to surprise someone special, but we can’t find the words to describe them how we feel. Bespoke Verse

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Illuminated Apparel as seen on Dragons' Den

Illuminated Apparel

Illuminated Apparel has a creative innovation for the old T-shirt industry. The new brand from London combined new technology

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Love Keep Create as seen on Dragons' Den

Love Keep Create

If you have old and used clothes for your baby, and you don’t want to throw them away because there is sentimental value

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i-Stay as seen on Dragons' Den


People who wear heavy bags on their shoulders know how irritating it can be when your bag constantly slips from your shoulder.

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Hope and Ivy as seen on Dragons' Den

Alter London & Hope & Ivy

Alter London

Based in London, Alter London is a high-end furniture manufacturer. It is oriented to high-end products

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Boot Buddy as seen on Dragons' Den

Boot Buddy

If you are an outdoor person or just somebody who hates to clean their shoes when they are covered in mud and dirt,

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Slappie as seen on Dragons' Den


Slappie produces a popular gift item — the Original Slap Watch. The slap watch is a fun and funky-looking accessory

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Quiet Rebellion as seen on Dragons' Den

Quiet Rebellion

Wearing the same, plain, and simple black socks can get boring pretty quickly. The same thought crossed the minds of two,

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LatestFreeStuff as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for free stuff in the UK? LatestFreeStuff curates the best freebies, samples and free stuff offers available daily

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Liquidproof as seen on Dragons' Den


Liquidproof is a hydrophobic spray that has been specifically designed to help keep surfaces clean, dry and stain-free.

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Gumigem as seen on Dragons' Den


Gumigem is a line of soft, flexible, non-toxic, washable, and chewable silicone Teething Jewellery for nursing mothers.

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Blue Badge Company as seen on Dragons' Den

Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company is a living aid company that produces handmade leather and fabric accessories for the disabled.

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VitiliGlow as seen on Dragons' Den


VitiliGlow is a camouflage cover for the skin, expressly designed for people with Vitiligo, to help masks the

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The Handbag Spa

The Handbag Spa

The Handbag Spa is a handbag restoration company that uses the latest techniques and processes to repair and restore handbags.

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Fit Britches as seen on Dragons' Den

Fit Britches

Fit Britches are a line of award-winning shape wear and body shapers for women. These shapers are designed to

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NEO-SLIP as seen on Dragons' Den


Neo-Slip is a revolutionary product that is used as a compression stocking in the prevention Deep Vein Thrombosis.

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