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MALLZEE as seen on Dragons' Den


Mallzee is a free online shopping app that is dedicated to making finding and buying clothes fast and easy, and has even

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ENCLOTHED as seen on Dragons' Den


Most men either do not have the time or they do not care to shop. What if someone could do the shopping for you and all

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SHOELICKS as seen on Dragons' Den


Do you want to have the look of designer heels even if you are living on a budget and cannot afford to buy the expensive

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BAGGERS ORIGINALS as seen on Dragons' Den

Baggers Originals

Baggers Originals are a set of fun, fashionable and practical rainwear sets for kids. They come with their own attached

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iGLOVE as seen on Dragons' Den


Ever tried using your touch screen device while wearing gloves? It is next to impossible. It always comes to a choice

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CLEAN HEELS as seen on Dragons' Den

Clean Heels

It’s your best friend’s wedding, and you want to look elegant in your new pair of heels. The wedding is midway at the beautiful

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TORCH APPAREL as seen on Dragons' Den

Torch Apparel

Cyclists in busy city streets have always to be on the lookout not to be knocked over by motorists who can’t seem to see them.

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HOT PINK as seen on Dragons' Den

Durham Rose

Hot Pink, which once appeared on Dragons’ Den, is now Durham Rose and is bigger and better thanks to the publicity

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YOUNG ONES as seen on Dragons' Den

Young Ones

Young Ones Apparel is for dreamers, change makers and people who know that the fun of being young and energetic begins

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Bionic Glove as seen on Dragons' Den

Bionic Glove Technology

Designed by a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon, Bionic Technology offers an alternative approach to gloves.

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YUUbag as seen on Dragons' Den


In 2010, the YUUbag was created as an innovative 2-in-1 activity backpack that cleverly combines a portable entertainment

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Skinny Dip as seen on Dragons' Den

Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip was founded by James Gold, his brother Richard, and his best friend Blitz in 2011 to provide an alternative

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Fun Fancy Dress as seen on Dragons' Den

Fun Fancy Dress

Fun Fancy Dress is a fancy-dress shop business and franchise. They offer a selection of fancy dress costumes for all ages.

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Surviva Jak as seen on Dragons' Den

Surviva Jak

Surviva Jak is an emergency jacket for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and mountaineering. The kit offers an excellent tool

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Wedge Welly as seen on Dragons' Den

Wedge Welly

The Wedge Welly is a wellington boots with a wedge. The website offers a range of funky Wellies, rubber Wellington

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Slinks as seen on Dragons' Den


Ever come across a great pair of sandals that put you off just because of some minor detail? Maybe the pattern on the straps

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