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M14 Industries as seen on Dragons' Den

M14 Industries

Do you want to create a dating app or website but do not know where to start? M14 is dedicated to helping people

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Braci Smart Ear

Braci Smart Ear is a technology platform that detects and recognizes a wide range of sounds,

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Tickx as seen on Dragons' Den


Are you a person who loves to go clubbing or enjoy your favorite music artists at the live concerts? Maybe you are a passionate

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Aerodrums as seen on Dragons' Den


Aerodrums aims to provide a portable drumming experience. It is an air-drumming instrument that simulates drumming

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Wellgel as seen on Dragons' Den

WellGel London

WellGell London is an all-in-one solution for well-polished nails. It is special because it is durable, strong

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Appy Parking as seen on Dragons' Den

Appy Parking

Appy Parking is an app that gives you accurate and real-time information about street parking all across London

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Pit Pat Pet as seen on Dragons' Den

Pit Pat

Pit Pat is a fitness activity tracker specially designed for dogs, which tracks different activities like running, walking,

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uSHoot Studios as seen on Dragons' Den

uSHoot Studios

uSHoot Studios is a London-based photo capturing studio that focuses on taking product images for e-commerce

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Wireless Fitness as seen on Dragons' Den

Wireless Fitness

Wireless Fitness is an app that allows you to run you music-based fitness classes outdoors without the need for a fitness studio or any stereo

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Double as seen on Dragons' Den


Double is a unique location-based dating app that brings a new twist to traditional dating apps — double dating.

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3rings as seen on Dragons' Den


3rings is a cloud-based care system that helps you check in periodically on your elderly loved ones. The system works using a simple

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My Smart Remote as seen on Dragons' Den

My Smart Remote

My Smart Remote is an innovative in-car security system that helps beef up your car security specifically against modern day carjackers.

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MALLZEE as seen on Dragons' Den


Mallzee is a free online shopping app that is dedicated to making finding and buying clothes fast and easy, and has even

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MINICABIT as seen on Dragons' Den


Taxis or minicabs are one of the easiest and fastest mode of transport within cities, and are the preferred

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Hungry House as seen on Dragons' Den

Hungry House

Have you ever found yourself craving that tasty burger or pizza but you are either too tired or too busy to walk to the nearby restaurant

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