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Door Jammer as seen on Dragons' Den

Door Jammer

Door Jammer is a unique new product that is very practical and easy to use. In the situation where you want some privacy

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Wellgel as seen on Dragons' Den

WellGel London

WellGell London is an all-in-one solution for well-polished nails. It is special because it is durable, strong

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Appy Parking as seen on Dragons' Den

Appy Parking

Appy Parking is an app that gives you accurate and real-time information about street parking all across London

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Magiled as seen on Dragons' Den

Magi Led UK

Magi Led is founded by Ran Sohal. It is a company specialized in production of solid-state LED (light emitting diode)

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Marxman as seen on Dragons' Den


Have you ever been in a situation where you had to hold the kitchen sink with one hand, and at the same time mark the point

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Glassbusters as seen on Dragons' Den


Glassbusters is a revolutionary point-of-use disposal for glass bottles and containers. Glassbusters is unique, patented,

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My Smart Remote as seen on Dragons' Den

My Smart Remote

My Smart Remote is an innovative in-car security system that helps beef up your car security specifically against modern day carjackers.

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Vangirls as seen on Dragons' Den


The London-based Vangirls are a group of women who offer moving services around the UK.

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Griplt Fixings as seen on Dragons' Den

Griplt Fixings

Griplt provides you with solutions to all your fixings problems with the snap of a finger. Founded back in 2008, Griplt

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NANOTECH LABS as seen on Dragons' Den

Nanotech Labs

Are you looking for safe peel and stick products for home and office use? Nanotech labs has the solution for you.

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Truncator Multi-Cut Saw Horse

Cutting a large number of logs can be hectic and tiresome, especially when done one by one. The Truncator Multi-cut

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Protec Covers as seen on Dragons' Den

Protec Covers

Protec Covers is a company that specializes in making covers for camping vehicles. The company is built on the principles of

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Primal Parking as seen on Dragons' Den

Primal Parking

Primal Parking Ltd. is a company that helps you retain full access over your parking lots. The product was originally designed

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Eco-Pod as seen on Dragons' Den


Popularly known as Eco-Pod, EcoHab is a construction firm that offers green buildings that aim to achieve zero carbon emissions

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AB Performance as seen on Dragons' Den

AB Performance

AB Performance is a custom car outfit that produces bike engineered cars. Based off in Suffolk, the company pulls from

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Peel Engineering as seen on Dragons' Den

Peel Engineering

Peel Engineering manufactures the world’s smallest car which is also powered by an electric motor. With a length of

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