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UK Commercial Cleaning as seen on Dragons' Den

UK Commercial Cleaning

UK Commercial Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning companies in the UK, with a network of depots throughout the country

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Servicing Stop as seen on Dragons' Den

Servicing Stop

Taking your vehicle for servicing can be quite bothersome; dealing with the garage, negotiating the cost, the list is endless.

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Tiny Box as seen on Dragons' Den

Tiny Box

What do you do with your waste paper products? Throw them into the shredder? Burn them? Well, not only is that bad

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Rapstrap as seen on Dragons' Den


Cables from electronics or wiring systems tend to be a nuisance if left lying around or hanging. If they are passing

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The fuel angel as seen on Dragons' Den

The Fuel Angel

The Fuel Angel is a misfuel prevention device that is fitted on any diesel vehicle by replacing the existing filler cap

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The Chocbox as seen on Dragons' Den

The Chocbox

It is important to protect and insulate electrical connections, not only for our safety but also for a good working environment.

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Safe-T-First as seen on Dragons' Den


Emergency lighting is crucial in all places occupied by people as it helps avert potential risks and accidents.

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Autosafe as seen on Dragons' Den


Do you want to enjoy your ride with your loved ones at the backseat without any worry about how they are seated? If yes

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UK Truck Clean as seen on Dragons' Den

UK Truck Clean

UK Truck Clean provides “gantry style” cleaning solutions for both the Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and the Passenger Service Vehicles

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Concrete Canvas as seen on Dragons' Den

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas is a substance technology that introduces a brand new strategy to work with concrete.

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Dust bubble as seen on Dragons' Den

Dust Bubble

DustBubbles are disposable dust collectors for industrial drills or DIY. They collect almost all the dust

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Bespoke Vision Systems as seen on Dragons' Den

Bespoke Vision Systems

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is a company that specializes in the design and development of machine vision systems

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