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A well groomed man is the personification of elegance, confidence, style and allure. These are the principles that

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Comb and Blade

Comb and Blade is an online retailer that provide a variety of men’s grooming products under one roof. The founders

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Aenea as seen on Dragons' Den


Aenea is a premium beauty salon and award-winning brand specialized in various treatments like hair, beauty salon,

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Love me Beauty as seen on Dragons' Den

Love Me Beauty

For all the beauty product lovers who browse the web for days in the quest for finding the best quality beauty products,

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Waxu as seen on Dragons' Den


Women know that intimate waxing is not the most pleasant experience and if not done with a good wax and good technique,

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Kokoso as seen on Dragons' Den


Every parent wants what is best for their children and their health. So it is very important that we know

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DAIO as seen on Dragons' Den


Almost anyone has had the situation where they rushed from the house in a hurry, and then later stresses and

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Beauty Boulevard as seen on Dragons' Den

Beauty Boulevard

Beauty Boulevard is an online retailer of beauty products, most popular for its unique and innovative product called Glitter Lips.

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Grounded Body Scrub as seen on Dragons' Den

Grounded Body Scrub

Grounded Body Scrub is a coffee scrub company specializing in creating body care products. The company makes exfoliating coffee scrubs

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LatestFreeStuff as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for free stuff in the UK? LatestFreeStuff curates the best freebies, samples and free stuff offers available daily

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Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir as seen on Dragons' Den

Bio-tiful Dairy (Kefir)

Bio-tiful Dairy is a company that makes Kefir-based milk drinks and Kefir Smoothies. These products are touted to contain

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Good Bubble as seen on Dragons' Den

Good Bubble

Good Bubble is a Manchester-based family-owned business that makes toiletries that are targeted at children.

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VitiliGlow as seen on Dragons' Den


VitiliGlow is a camouflage cover for the skin, expressly designed for people with Vitiligo, to help masks the

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LOODINI as seen on Dragons' Den


This is Loodini, an opener for toilet handles. According to a report by BBC, two in three men and one in three women

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NEO-SLIP as seen on Dragons' Den


Neo-Slip is a revolutionary product that is used as a compression stocking in the prevention Deep Vein Thrombosis.

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THEYFIT CONDOMS as seen on Dragons' Den

TheyFit Condoms

TheyFit condoms are revolutionizing safe sex. Most people hate using condoms

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