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HOT PINK as seen on Dragons' Den

Durham Rose

Hot Pink, which once appeared on Dragons’ Den, is now Durham Rose and is bigger and better thanks to the publicity

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INNER ME as seen on Dragons' Den

Inner Me

Inner Me makes taking vitamins easy by offering supplements to a healthy diet tailored just for you. Good nutrition is the

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REMPODS as seen on Dragons' Den


Dementia patients tend to be confused about little things because of the impairment of their eyesight and hearing

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SKINNY-TAN as seen on Dragons' Den


Skinny-Tan is a self-tanner, the first ever in the market that solves the problem of cellulite naturally through a combination

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Weave Got Style as seen on Dragons' Den

Weave Got Style

Weave Got Style is home for hair extensions and weave experts and professionals. The company focuses on positioning

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Circaroma as seen on Dragons' Den


Circaroma is a skincare business focusing on supplying skincare products that are organic. It wants people

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Migra Cap as seen on Dragons' Den

Migra Cap

Migra Cap is a distinctive migraine solution additionally offering pain relief. Developed from a Migraine

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