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Illuminated Apparel as seen on Dragons' Den

Illuminated Apparel

Illuminated Apparel has a creative innovation for the old T-shirt industry. The new brand from London combined new technology

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Igloo Disco as seen on Dragons' Den

Igloo Disco

Igloo Disco is a London-based company that provides marquee hire for different events in a fun, unique way

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Tickx as seen on Dragons' Den


Are you a person who loves to go clubbing or enjoy your favorite music artists at the live concerts? Maybe you are a passionate

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Mini You as seen on Dragons' Den

Mini You

When you plan to buy a gift for a special someone, you want to make them feel special. They will certainly feel special

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Light Lead as seen on Dragons' Den

Light Lead

When buying a new guitar cable, people are rarely interested in the specification of the cable. All you want from your guitar

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Damson as seen on Dragons' Den


Founded in 2011, Damson aims to create the ideal portable speaker for everyone. Damson speakers and headphones

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Aerodrums as seen on Dragons' Den


Aerodrums aims to provide a portable drumming experience. It is an air-drumming instrument that simulates drumming

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Active Away as seen on Dragons' Den

Active Away

Active Away organizes sports holidays for clients who wanted to improve their game, travel to a nice place

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Little Belters as seen on Dragons' Den

Little Belters

Little Belters is a choir catering to children between ages 5-11. The choir is orchestrated and managed by professional

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Ride25 as seen on Dragons' Den


Ride25 is a unique cycling holiday company that provides private and corporate cycling events and tours with a twist.

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Sublime Science as seen on Dragons' Den

Sublime Science

Founded by former teacher Marc Wileman (also known as Mad Marc) who holds a First Class Master’s Degree in Physics, Sublime Science

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Timberkits as seen in Dragons' Den


Timberkits models are wooden mechanical automata that function by way of a hand-cranked system of cams, cranks, levers and pushrods.

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Accentuate Games as seen on Dragons' Den

Accentuate Games

Are you up for a laugh? Accentuate is a fun team game that pits off accent mimicking skills against accent detection talent.

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PANTS ON FIRE GAMES as seen on Dragons' Den

Pants on Fire Games

If you are looking for an evening of classic gaming, switch off your electronic devices and get down to a session of

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Ukick as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for a fun game with endless tricks and stunts to master? Give Ukick a try. Ukick is a badminton inspired

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FRAME AGAIN as seen on Dragons' Den

Frame Again

Are you longing for the charm that framed photos brought to a home, well before we got lost in digital photography?

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