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SKRIBBIES as seen on Dragons' Den


Skribbies are just the perfect gift to get for your children. They will not only put a smile on your kid’s face, but will

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SWING PATROL as seen on Dragons' Den

Swing Patrol

The swing train is here for all who would love to learn dancing in just a day. Located in London, the Swing Patrol offers

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PLAYAWAY CASE as seen on Dragons' Den

Playaway Cases

The Playaway Cases is perfect for any child as it comprises a whole load of fun. The case is a full entertainment package

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JOLLY DAYS s seen on Dragons' Den

Jolly Days

Started by Christian and Carolyn Van Outersterp, Jolly Days is an ideal getaway camping site for family, friends

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MAINSTAGE TRAVEL as seen on Dragons' Den

Mainstage Travel

Lovers of music festivals and extreme holiday experiences will love the sound of Mainstage Travel. Mainstage travel is a travel

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THE MAKERY as seen on Dragons' Den

The Makery

There is always a fulfillment that comes with making something on your own, your own design – it makes one proud of themselves

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LINKEE as seen on Dragons' Den


Linkee is a fun, first and simple quiz game that is ideal for individuals or teams who would love to combine wits

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Bannatyne Music as seen on Dragons' Den

Bannatyne Music

Bannatyne Music is a fast rising music recording label formerly known as the RKA records. It was set up in October 2010 by

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Unique Ideas UK as seen on Dragons' Den

Unique Ideas UK

Unique Ideas UK is an entertainment company that design, make, hire, deliver, and even run, interactive games all over the UK.

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Media displays as seen on Dragons' Den

Media Displays

Media Displays is a digital advertising company that offers mobile services. The company controls a band of versatile mobile

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Value My Stuff as seen on Dragons' Den

Value My Stuff

Value My Stuff is a platform that provides professional and informed appraisals of all your items. The company offer valuing

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Vintage Patisserie as seen on Dragons' Den

Vintage Patisserie

Based in France, The Vintage Patisserie is a 40’s themed company that offers fairytale-like vintage weddings and other

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Pebblebed Vineyard as seen on Dragons' Den

Pebblebed Vineyard

Pebblebed Vineyard offers a surreal opportunity to wine lovers – the chance to own your own vines! Using a modern variant

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Off-Ice Skates as seen on Dragons' Den

Off-Ice Skates

Ice Skating is a great deal of fun. Ice-skaters can never seems to get enough of the spins, axels and jumps. The only problem

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BassToneSlap as seen on Dragons' Den


BassToneSlap is a high energy drumming group that helps businesses with experiential marketing, drumming team building

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Guy Portelli Sculpture Studio as seen on Dragons' Den

Guy Portelli Sculpture Studio

Guy Portelli is a South Africa born world renowned sculptor with a reputation for classical sculptures. Following a 2008

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