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Selwyn’s Seaweed Snacks

For over 50 years, Selwyn’s has been making great discoveries, with a marvelous range of sea products that are made to

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SUPPER as seen on Dragons' Den


Often times, ordering home food delivery can be quite disappointing, if not outright frustrating. Getting already

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HOWDAH SNACKS as seen on Dragons' Den

Howdah Snacks

Imagine the taste of savory Indian snacks exploding with flavors from aromatic spices and traditional Indian ingredients.

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Nutrifiz is a range of effervescent wheatgrass tablets which help you to get and stay feet by providing your body

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Watmuff and Beckett

Watmuff and Beckett was founded by two childhood friends, Watmuff and Michael Beckett,

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Just Bee as seen on Dragons' Den

Just Bee Drinks

Just Bee has a mission to make the most amazing spring water, without refined sugars and less than 50 calories per serving.

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Not Dogs as seen on Dragons' Den

Not Dogs

Sometimes as a vegetarian, it is difficult to find quality delicious fast food available. Not Dogs is an unique choice

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Go Gafoor as seen on Dragons' Den

Go Gafoor

Street food is becoming more and more popular every day. Go Gafoor aims to bring the best street food markets from

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Snaffling Pig as seen on Dragons' Den

Snaffling Pig Co

Snaffling Pig Co. is a company that sells everything related to pigs. It is most famous for their original Pig Cracklings.

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Pro Gains as seen on Dragons' Den

Professional Gains

We all know that it’s easy to set a goal, but little harder to commit to it. If you tried to improve your overall fitness

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Craft Gin Club as seen on Dragons' Den

Craft Gin Club

Craft Gin Club is the UK’s number one subscription club for all gin lovers and enthusiasts. If you love gin, you will be delighted

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Oppo as seen on Dragons' Den


We all want to be healthy. We all deserve a treat. Oppo believes you don’t need to compromise. Oppo recognizes that food

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Bad Brownie as seen on Dragons' Den

Bad Brownie

Bad Brownie makes amazing gourmet brownies in delicious flavours including salted caramel, peanut butter, triple chocolate

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Drink Command as seen on Dragons' Den

Drink Command

Drink Command offers an efficient solution for automatically dispensing beer at any location. The Drink Command is a high-tech

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Masons Beans as seen on Dragons' Den

Masons Beans

Masons Beans produces a healthier alternative to the standard, tinned baked beans. This baked beans brand offers beans

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Cocoa Ooze as seen on Dragons' Den

Cocoa Ooze

Cocoa Ooze is a premium chocolate producer founded by Jamie Hutcheon when he was only 17 years old. He always had a passion

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