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Cocofina as seen on Dragons' Den


Cocofina is a coconut product based company. The name Cocofina literally means coconut water and Cocofina is founded

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Foam Aroma as seen on Dragons' Den

Foam Aroma UK

Regular, everyday coffee lids don’t provide us with the best coffee drinking experience. Passionate coffee lovers all

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Perios as seen on Dragons' Den


Peri’os is a restaurant chain that provides customers with special and unique dining experience.

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Tegstove as seen on Dragons' Den


Tegstove is a novel portable gas stove that promises exceptional stability and excellent cooking performance

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Crackin’ Egg Company as seen on Dragons' Den

Crackin’ Egg Company

The Crackin’ Egg Company produces hard-boiled chicken eggs with a coloured natural coating. The eggs are coated using paint made from

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Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir as seen on Dragons' Den

Bio-tiful Dairy (Kefir)

Bio-tiful Dairy is a company that makes Kefir-based milk drinks and Kefir Smoothies. These products are touted to contain

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British Cassis as seen on Dragons' Den

British Cassis

All the way from a Herefordshire farm, British Cassis is a rich and full-bodied natural liqueur crafted from organically grown blackcurrants.

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Secret Sausages as seen from Dragons' Den

Secret Sausages

Based in Northamptonshire, Secret Sausages is a company that has set out to produce the healthiest sausages possible.

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Yogiyo as seen on Dragons' Den


Launched in Selfridges in early 2015, Yogiyo is the UK’s first Korean cooking range. Yogiyo offers you the most important

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Cocoa Mountain as seen on Dragons' Den

Cocoa Mountain

Established in 2006, Cocoa Mountain aims to produce innovative handmade chocolate using fresh, high-quality raw materials and

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Mara Seaweed as seen on Dragons' Den

Mara Seaweed

Mara produces a range of shake-on seaweed seasonings. These seasonings are produced from a variety of plants sources

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Rule of Crumb as seen on Dragons' Den

Rule of Crumb

Rule of Crumb is a bakery that makes gluten-free pastries. As their products are targeted at Coeliacs, Rule of Crumbs

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Raw Chocolate Company as seen on Dragons' Den

Raw Chocolate Company

The Raw Chocolate Company is an environmentally-friendly company that aims to provide the most natural chocolate products possible.

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GRANNY COOL MARMALADE as seen on Dragons' Den

Granny Cool Marmalade

Since October 2012, the Granny Cool Family has been making yummy children’s marmalade and preserves. Their aim is to

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FLAVOURLY as seen on Dragons' Den


Flavourly is a gourmet food subscription service that makes monthly deliveries of a box containing 10 – 15 handpicked

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YEE KWAN as seen on Dragons' Den

Yee Kwan

Yee Kwan is an award-winning range of 24 tasty and high quality ice creams and sorbets which draw their inspiration

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