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P4CK as seen on Dragons' Den


P4CK is a brand packaging company that was founded by Christopher Eves and Luke. The company offer a slew of services

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A Turner and Sons Sausage as seen on Dragons' Den

A Turner & Sons Sausage

A Turner and Sons Sausage is a sausage company that produces sausages using special recipes. Their traditional pork sausage

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iCafe as seen on Dragons' Den


iCafe is a multi-award winning coffee house and internet cafe chain based in Glasgow. They aim to provide some of the best natural

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Sweet Mandarin as seen on Dragons' Den

Sweet Mandarin

Twin sisters — Helen and Lisa Tse — are the owners of the Sweet Mandarin restaurant in Manchester. They produce sauces with

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Roastcosy as seen on Dragons' Den


Roastcosy is the latest in kitchen equipment for roast. Roastcosy helps you relax and rest your Sunday roast

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Barmate as seen on Dragons' Den


Barmate offers a convenient alternative to pool side service in hotels. Barmate is a hands-free, pint-pulling product

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Kirstys as seen on Dragons' Den


Kirsty’s started out in 2012 as a healthy alternative to traditional ice-cream. The company focused on creating a

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Pebblebed Vineyard as seen on Dragons' Den

Pebblebed Vineyard

Pebblebed Vineyard offers a surreal opportunity to wine lovers – the chance to own your own vines! Using a modern variant

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MyDish as seen on Dragons' Den


All around the world, there are treasured recipes that have been maintained within families, getting passed on

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Magic Pizza as seen on Dragons' Den

Magic Pizza

Are you tired of eating pizzas with a ‘soggy middle’? Magic Pizza provides you with the perfect solution so you can now enjoy your pizza

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Planit toastabags as seen on Dragons' Den

Planit Toastabags

If you are a lover of toasties, get yourself these special made toastabags and enjoy a warm toastie

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Hungry House as seen on Dragons' Den

Hungry House

Have you ever found yourself craving that tasty burger or pizza but you are either too tired or too busy to walk to the nearby restaurant

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Reggae Reggae Sauce as seen on Dragons' Den

Reggae Reggae Sauce

Put some music in your food! For the lovers of spicy barbecue try the reggae reggae source which is well known

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StyleBible as seen on Dragons' Den

StyleBible is an all-purpose website aiming to be number one in luxury living. It prides itself

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RakaStaka as seen on Dragons' Den


Storing bottles in the fridge takes up so much space in the fridge. The shape of the bottle makes it difficult

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