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AutoBlaze is quick and instant integrated stove ignition system for wood burning stoves. Do away with paper or chemical

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patlock as seen on Dragons' Den


Over 1000 homes in the UK are broken into each single day. In most of these cases, the entry

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Bespoke Verse poetry as seen on Dragons' Den

Bespoke Verse

Sometimes we want to surprise someone special, but we can’t find the words to describe them how we feel. Bespoke Verse

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Love Keep Create as seen on Dragons' Den

Love Keep Create

If you have old and used clothes for your baby, and you don’t want to throw them away because there is sentimental value

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Hope and Ivy as seen on Dragons' Den

Alter London & Hope & Ivy

Alter London

Based in London, Alter London is a high-end furniture manufacturer. It is oriented to high-end products

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BigBoy BeanBag as seen on Dragons' Den


BigboyBeanbag has the goal to become your new favorite and personalized relaxation cloud. It is waterproof with modern design,

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Open Goaaal as seen on Dragons' Den

Open Goaaal!

Open Goaaal! is a football rebounding net for your garden. The goal with this product is to help prevent balls from going outside

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Opus as seen on Dragons' Den


Opus offers a brand new, revolutionary take on mobile camping. The company creates a whole new category in the caravan accessory

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Door Jammer as seen on Dragons' Den

Door Jammer

Door Jammer is a unique new product that is very practical and easy to use. In the situation where you want some privacy

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Kids Flush as seen on Dragons' Den


If you have problems teaching your kids to flush the toilet, Kidsflush is the perfect solution for you. It encourages

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Magiled as seen on Dragons' Den

Magi Led UK

Magi Led is founded by Ran Sohal. It is a company specialized in production of solid-state LED (light emitting diode)

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DAIO as seen on Dragons' Den


Almost anyone has had the situation where they rushed from the house in a hurry, and then later stresses and

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Marxman as seen on Dragons' Den


Have you ever been in a situation where you had to hold the kitchen sink with one hand, and at the same time mark the point

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Spatap as seen on Dragons' Den


Spatap is an eco-friendly outdoor tap and shower. It has a very simple design but is made from high quality and eco-friendly products.

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Tegstove as seen on Dragons' Den


Tegstove is a novel portable gas stove that promises exceptional stability and excellent cooking performance

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LatestFreeStuff as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for free stuff in the UK? LatestFreeStuff curates the best freebies, samples and free stuff offers available daily

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