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Foldsmart as seen on Dragons' Den


Foldsmart offers an innovative alternative to traditional furniture. The company produces modular furniture in a bid to

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Blue Badge Company as seen on Dragons' Den

Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company is a living aid company that produces handmade leather and fabric accessories for the disabled.

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Vangirls as seen on Dragons' Den


The London-based Vangirls are a group of women who offer moving services around the UK.

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Syncbox as seen on Dragons' Den


Syncbox is a covered advanced wiring solution for TV, Media & Speaker System Installations that incorporates all wiring

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Fridja as seen on Dragons' Den


This is Fridja. The company is famed for their cloth steamer which is widely acclaimed among fashion enthusiasts.

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Griplt Fixings as seen on Dragons' Den

Griplt Fixings

Griplt provides you with solutions to all your fixings problems with the snap of a finger. Founded back in 2008, Griplt

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ENERGY EGG as seen on Dragons' Den

Energy Egg

Do you usually leave electrical appliances on after using them and completely forget to turn them off, wasting energy

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UNIQUE AUTOMATION as seen on Dragons' Den

Unique Automation

Tired of showering the ordinary way every single day? Unique automation comes in to offer extraordinary shower moments

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MOUNTAIN TRIKE as seen on Dragons' Den

Mountain Trike

Mountain Trike, the all-terrain wheelchair, is the ideal trike for everyone who loves adventure and relaxing

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Truncator Multi-Cut Saw Horse

Cutting a large number of logs can be hectic and tiresome, especially when done one by one. The Truncator Multi-cut

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WoodBlocX as seen on Dragons' Den


WoodBlocX is a unique, patented product that can be tweaked to create almost every garden structure you can think of.

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Eco-Pod as seen on Dragons' Den


Popularly known as Eco-Pod, EcoHab is a construction firm that offers green buildings that aim to achieve zero carbon emissions

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Duvalay as seen on Dragons' Den


The Rasket Memory Foam is a zip-up memory foam mattress and duvet combo that aims to be the go to option for mobile mattresses.

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Power8workshop as seen on Dragons' Den


The Power8workshop is the world’s first cordless workstation. This product is designed to cater to the machinery needs of

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The Wand Company as seen on Dragons' Den

The Wand Company

The Wand Company is a UK-based electronic company that manufactures universal gesture-based controllers in varying designs

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Physicool as seen on Dragons' Den


Physicool is a new one-of-a-kind bandage that is doused with rapidly evaporating alcohols. Once you wear the bandage, the alcohol

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