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Aenea as seen on Dragons' Den


Aenea is a premium beauty salon and award-winning brand specialized in various treatments like hair, beauty salon,

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Love me Beauty as seen on Dragons' Den

Love Me Beauty

For all the beauty product lovers who browse the web for days in the quest for finding the best quality beauty products,

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Bespoke Verse poetry as seen on Dragons' Den

Bespoke Verse

Sometimes we want to surprise someone special, but we can’t find the words to describe them how we feel. Bespoke Verse

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Waxu as seen on Dragons' Den


Women know that intimate waxing is not the most pleasant experience and if not done with a good wax and good technique,

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Igloo Disco as seen on Dragons' Den

Igloo Disco

Igloo Disco is a London-based company that provides marquee hire for different events in a fun, unique way

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Tickx as seen on Dragons' Den


Are you a person who loves to go clubbing or enjoy your favorite music artists at the live concerts? Maybe you are a passionate

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Mini You as seen on Dragons' Den

Mini You

When you plan to buy a gift for a special someone, you want to make them feel special. They will certainly feel special

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Pro Gains as seen on Dragons' Den

Professional Gains

We all know that it’s easy to set a goal, but little harder to commit to it. If you tried to improve your overall fitness

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Craft Gin Club as seen on Dragons' Den

Craft Gin Club

Craft Gin Club is the UK’s number one subscription club for all gin lovers and enthusiasts. If you love gin, you will be delighted

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Active Away as seen on Dragons' Den

Active Away

Active Away organizes sports holidays for clients who wanted to improve their game, travel to a nice place

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Wellgel as seen on Dragons' Den

WellGel London

WellGell London is an all-in-one solution for well-polished nails. It is special because it is durable, strong

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Appy Parking as seen on Dragons' Den

Appy Parking

Appy Parking is an app that gives you accurate and real-time information about street parking all across London

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Pit Pat Pet as seen on Dragons' Den

Pit Pat

Pit Pat is a fitness activity tracker specially designed for dogs, which tracks different activities like running, walking,

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Little Belters as seen on Dragons' Den

Little Belters

Little Belters is a choir catering to children between ages 5-11. The choir is orchestrated and managed by professional

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uSHoot Studios as seen on Dragons' Den

uSHoot Studios

uSHoot Studios is a London-based photo capturing studio that focuses on taking product images for e-commerce

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Glassbusters as seen on Dragons' Den


Glassbusters is a revolutionary point-of-use disposal for glass bottles and containers. Glassbusters is unique, patented,

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