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Ram Training as seen on Dragons' Den

Ram Training

Ram Training Ltd is a company that offers a custom training course for employees to support and enable them

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Tap2Tag as seen on Dragons' Den


Tap2Tag is a medical alert device designed to help first-responders and paramedics readily gain access instantly to critical

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Double as seen on Dragons' Den


Double is a unique location-based dating app that brings a new twist to traditional dating apps — double dating.

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School Trunk as seen on Dragons' Den

School Trunk

Founded by boarding school mums, entrepreneurs and businesswomen, Dorothy McLaren and Chelsea Hayes, School Trunk

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Ride25 as seen on Dragons' Den


Ride25 is a unique cycling holiday company that provides private and corporate cycling events and tours with a twist.

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3rings as seen on Dragons' Den


3rings is a cloud-based care system that helps you check in periodically on your elderly loved ones. The system works using a simple

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The Handbag Spa

The Handbag Spa

The Handbag Spa is a handbag restoration company that uses the latest techniques and processes to repair and restore handbags.

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Vangirls as seen on Dragons' Den


The London-based Vangirls are a group of women who offer moving services around the UK.

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The House Crowd as seen on Dragons' Den

The House Crowd

The House Crowd is one of the first UK property crowd funding companies. Established in December 2011, The House Crowd allows

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HOUSE TREE as seen on Dragons' Den

House Tree

Are you tired of running up and down looking for property to buy or for buyers for your house? Well, your chase

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FRAME AGAIN as seen on Dragons' Den

Frame Again

Are you longing for the charm that framed photos brought to a home, well before we got lost in digital photography?

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SWING PATROL as seen on Dragons' Den

Swing Patrol

The swing train is here for all who would love to learn dancing in just a day. Located in London, the Swing Patrol offers

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JOLLY DAYS s seen on Dragons' Den

Jolly Days

Started by Christian and Carolyn Van Outersterp, Jolly Days is an ideal getaway camping site for family, friends

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MINICABIT as seen on Dragons' Den


Taxis or minicabs are one of the easiest and fastest mode of transport within cities, and are the preferred

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Megaflatables as seen on Dragons' Den


Megaflatables produces inflatable advertising products. The company’s line of products include inflatable product,

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P4CK as seen on Dragons' Den


P4CK is a brand packaging company that was founded by Christopher Eves and Luke. The company offer a slew of services

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