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MyDish as seen on Dragons' Den


All around the world, there are treasured recipes that have been maintained within families, getting passed on

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UK Commercial Cleaning as seen on Dragons' Den

UK Commercial Cleaning

UK Commercial Cleaning is one of the leading cleaning companies in the UK, with a network of depots throughout the country

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Servicing Stop as seen on Dragons' Den

Servicing Stop

Taking your vehicle for servicing can be quite bothersome; dealing with the garage, negotiating the cost, the list is endless.

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BassToneSlap as seen on Dragons' Den


BassToneSlap is a high energy drumming group that helps businesses with experiential marketing, drumming team building

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TrueCall Call Blocker as seen on Dragons' Den

TrueCall Call Blocker

Have you been bugged by cold calling marketers selling you products you are not interested in or charities asking you

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Magic White Board as seen on Dragons' Den

Magic White Board

The magic whiteboard is just perfect for any office meeting, classroom work, training session or conferences.

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Light Emotions as seen on Dragons' Den

Light Emotions

Emotions are affected by light. Bright light heightens emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

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Beach Break Live as seen on Dragons' Den

Beach Break Live

The mention of a weekend getaway at the beach with friends or family is like music to ears. The oceanic scenery brings

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Igloo as seen on Dragons' Den


Igloo is a multi- temperature refrigerated service aimed at delivering frozen and chilled products nationwide.

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Nuts Poker League as seen on Dragons' Den

Nuts Poker League

The nuts poker league is a pub-based tournament that is open for anyone above 18 years of age and is interested in the game

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UK Truck Clean as seen on Dragons' Den

UK Truck Clean

UK Truck Clean provides “gantry style” cleaning solutions for both the Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and the Passenger Service Vehicles

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Degreeart as seen on Dragons' Den


One of the UK’s first Online Art Galleries, over the past 12 years, has established itself

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