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Rugged Interactive

Rugged Interactive is a Cornwall-based innovative company whose aim is to make it easier for people to exercise

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Micro Fitness

Micro Fitness is an award winning company that has set a name for itself as UK’s leading Fitness Company for children.

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Snugs is a company that is dedicated to providing perfect fitting earphones for ultimate and unrivaled sound quality.

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Cycl as seen on Dragons' Den


Cycling has a lot of health benefits like improved health, fitness levels and it is an environmentally friendlier

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Splash Maps as seen on Dragons' Den

Splash Maps

Splash Maps are maps made from special kind of fabric. They are wearable, you can wash them in your washing machine

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Boot Buddy as seen on Dragons' Den

Boot Buddy

If you are an outdoor person or just somebody who hates to clean their shoes when they are covered in mud and dirt,

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Open Goaaal as seen on Dragons' Den

Open Goaaal!

Open Goaaal! is a football rebounding net for your garden. The goal with this product is to help prevent balls from going outside

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Opus as seen on Dragons' Den


Opus offers a brand new, revolutionary take on mobile camping. The company creates a whole new category in the caravan accessory

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Spatap as seen on Dragons' Den


Spatap is an eco-friendly outdoor tap and shower. It has a very simple design but is made from high quality and eco-friendly products.

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Tegstove as seen on Dragons' Den


Tegstove is a novel portable gas stove that promises exceptional stability and excellent cooking performance

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Wireless Fitness as seen on Dragons' Den

Wireless Fitness

Wireless Fitness is an app that allows you to run you music-based fitness classes outdoors without the need for a fitness studio or any stereo

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Crikey Bikey as seen on Dragons' Den

Crikey Bikey

The Crikey Bikey is a harness that helps kids learn biking faster in a safer environment. The harness makes bike learning more comfortable

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BeamBlock Yoga as seen on Dragons' Den

BeamBlock Yoga

BeamBlock is the world’s first yoga platform. It is an innovative flexibility training system that is designed to

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SEABUNG as seen on Dragons' Den


The Seabung is a cool inventive little gadget is a great addition or replacement for wooden bungs, and enables boat

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COLAPZ as seen on Dragons' Den


Space is one of the most valuable things for campers, particularly those who do not travel light, therefore anything

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BAGGERS ORIGINALS as seen on Dragons' Den

Baggers Originals

Baggers Originals are a set of fun, fashionable and practical rainwear sets for kids. They come with their own attached

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