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iGLOVE as seen on Dragons' Den


Ever tried using your touch screen device while wearing gloves? It is next to impossible. It always comes to a choice

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CLEAN HEELS as seen on Dragons' Den

Clean Heels

It’s your best friend’s wedding, and you want to look elegant in your new pair of heels. The wedding is midway at the beautiful

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TORCH APPAREL as seen on Dragons' Den

Torch Apparel

Cyclists in busy city streets have always to be on the lookout not to be knocked over by motorists who can’t seem to see them.

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JOLLY DAYS s seen on Dragons' Den

Jolly Days

Started by Christian and Carolyn Van Outersterp, Jolly Days is an ideal getaway camping site for family, friends

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YOGA BELLIES as seen on Dragons' Den

Yoga Bellies

Yogabellies is based around the idea of women supporting other women from all over the world through yoga practices.

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Bionic Glove as seen on Dragons' Den

Bionic Glove Technology

Designed by a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon, Bionic Technology offers an alternative approach to gloves.

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Kiddomoto as seen on Dragons' Den


Kiddimoto is a UK-based bike company that produces different balance bikes for children. Operating from its headquarters

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BoginaBag as seen on Dragons' Den


BoginaBag is a unique and lightweight portable toilet. This innovative toilet solution is excellent for a different people

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Surviva Jak as seen on Dragons' Den

Surviva Jak

Surviva Jak is an emergency jacket for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and mountaineering. The kit offers an excellent tool

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Hawksdrift Falconry as seen on Dragons' Den

Hawksdrift Falconry

Hawksdrift Falconry is dedicated to the promotion of falcons as a traditional country sport and to the conservation,

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Golfer’s Mate as seen on Dragons' Den

Golfer’s Mate

The Golfer’s Mate is a 3-in-1 golf accessory that includes a pitch-mark repairer, ball marker and sharpener.

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Off-Ice Skates as seen on Dragons' Den

Off-Ice Skates

Ice Skating is a great deal of fun. Ice-skaters can never seems to get enough of the spins, axels and jumps. The only problem

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Waterbuoy as seen on Dragons' Den

Water Buoy

This small yet versatile and strong device with a variety of applications is just what you need if you worry about

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Cush n Shade as seen on Dragons' Den


We all love and enjoy the feeling of unwinding at the beach, enjoying the beautiful sun rays and the cool breeze. If you

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Rotamate as seen on Dragons' Den


Rotamate is a brand of environmental friendly washing line cover that protects your laundry so you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather.

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Itsa Beach Towel as seen on Dragons' Den

Itsa Beach Towel

The Itsa Bag/Towel is a practical beach towel that doubles as storage unit for your belongings while you are on the beach.

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