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Tegstove as seen on Dragons' Den


Tegstove is a novel portable gas stove that promises exceptional stability and excellent cooking performance

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LatestFreeStuff as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for free stuff in the UK? LatestFreeStuff curates the best freebies, samples and free stuff offers available daily

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Tap2Tag as seen on Dragons' Den


Tap2Tag is a medical alert device designed to help first-responders and paramedics readily gain access instantly to critical

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3rings as seen on Dragons' Den


3rings is a cloud-based care system that helps you check in periodically on your elderly loved ones. The system works using a simple

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Syncbox as seen on Dragons' Den


Syncbox is a covered advanced wiring solution for TV, Media & Speaker System Installations that incorporates all wiring

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Fridja as seen on Dragons' Den


This is Fridja. The company is famed for their cloth steamer which is widely acclaimed among fashion enthusiasts.

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FLAVOURLY as seen on Dragons' Den


Flavourly is a gourmet food subscription service that makes monthly deliveries of a box containing 10 – 15 handpicked

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ENERGY EGG as seen on Dragons' Den

Energy Egg

Do you usually leave electrical appliances on after using them and completely forget to turn them off, wasting energy

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UNIQUE AUTOMATION as seen on Dragons' Den

Unique Automation

Tired of showering the ordinary way every single day? Unique automation comes in to offer extraordinary shower moments

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REVIVE-A-PHONE as seen on Dragons' Den


We may all have fallen victim of dropping our phones into water by accidents. In most cases, dropping your phone into water

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myBunjee as seen on Dragons' Den


myBunjee is a mobile phone case attachment that helps secure your mobile phone. The device simply slips over and secures

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Kino-mo as seen on Dragons' Den


Kino-mo is a London-based company that develops hi-tech smart visual technologies. The company was founded in 2012 by two

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Skinny Dip as seen on Dragons' Den

Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip was founded by James Gold, his brother Richard, and his best friend Blitz in 2011 to provide an alternative

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Barmate as seen on Dragons' Den


Barmate offers a convenient alternative to pool side service in hotels. Barmate is a hands-free, pint-pulling product

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The Wand Company as seen on Dragons' Den

The Wand Company

The Wand Company is a UK-based electronic company that manufactures universal gesture-based controllers in varying designs

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Funky Moves as seen on Dragons' Den

Funky Moves

Funky Moves is a new active and interactive gaming system that is a fun way to motivate kids to think, move and play.

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