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Lumacoustic’s Yrwall as seen on Dragons' Den


Yrwall is a “Digital Graffiti Wall” developed by Luma, an event management company. With Yrwall, designs are created

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Motor-Mouse as seen on Dragons' Den


Want to impress your peers and colleagues with a stylish motor-themed mouse? Motor-Mouse specializes in making comfortable

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Tech21 as seen on Dragons' Den


Many mobile device manufactures concentrate on making smartphones and tablets and forget about making their cases.

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Light Emotions as seen on Dragons' Den

Light Emotions

Emotions are affected by light. Bright light heightens emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

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Waterbuoy as seen on Dragons' Den

Water Buoy

This small yet versatile and strong device with a variety of applications is just what you need if you worry about

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Goldgenie as seen on Dragons' Den


Just like King Midas turned everything he touched into gold, Goldgenie gives your items a Midas touch. As a company, Goldgenie aims to

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Safe-T-First as seen on Dragons' Den


Emergency lighting is crucial in all places occupied by people as it helps avert potential risks and accidents.

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iTeddy as seen on Dragons' Den


Want a fun and educative play thing for your kid? I-Teddy has got you covered, with play and learning all wrapped

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