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GRANNY COOL MARMALADE as seen on Dragons' Den

Granny Cool Marmalade

Since October 2012, the Granny Cool Family has been making yummy children’s marmalade and preserves. Their aim is to

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BAGGERS ORIGINALS as seen on Dragons' Den

Baggers Originals

Baggers Originals are a set of fun, fashionable and practical rainwear sets for kids. They come with their own attached

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JUST FOR TINY PEOPLE as seen on Dragons' Den

Just For Tiny People

Looking for the perfect teepee for your little child? Children love spending time in their precious teepees, but

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Ukick as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for a fun game with endless tricks and stunts to master? Give Ukick a try. Ukick is a badminton inspired

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LOST MY NAME as seen on Dragons' Den

Lost My Name

Do you wish to give a priceless gift to a unique child? Lost My Name is your answer! Lost My Name is a personalized

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SKRIBBIES as seen on Dragons' Den


Skribbies are just the perfect gift to get for your children. They will not only put a smile on your kid’s face, but will

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BOBO BUDDIES as seen on Dragons' Den

Bobo Buddies

Bobo Buddies backpacks are just the ideal buddy for both the child and the parent as it essentially benefits them both.

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PLAYAWAY CASE as seen on Dragons' Den

Playaway Cases

The Playaway Cases is perfect for any child as it comprises a whole load of fun. The case is a full entertainment package

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SNUGGLEBUNDL as seen on Dragons' Den


The award-winning wrap bag is the only baby blanket that enables you to soothe your baby, to feed your baby discreetly

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YUUbag as seen on Dragons' Den


In 2010, the YUUbag was created as an innovative 2-in-1 activity backpack that cleverly combines a portable entertainment

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Shampooheads as seen on Dragons' Den


Shampooheads Professional is a new salon hair care range created by Geoff and Colette Bell, who together have over

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Kiddomoto as seen on Dragons' Den


Kiddimoto is a UK-based bike company that produces different balance bikes for children. Operating from its headquarters

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Fun Fancy Dress as seen on Dragons' Den

Fun Fancy Dress

Fun Fancy Dress is a fancy-dress shop business and franchise. They offer a selection of fancy dress costumes for all ages.

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Funky Moves as seen on Dragons' Den

Funky Moves

Funky Moves is a new active and interactive gaming system that is a fun way to motivate kids to think, move and play.

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razzamataz theatre school as seen on Dragons' Den

Razzamataz Theatre School

Do you spot a budding talent in your kid? Are you wondering what to do about it? Well, worry no more.

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iTeddy as seen on Dragons' Den


Want a fun and educative play thing for your kid? I-Teddy has got you covered, with play and learning all wrapped

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