Rugged Interactive

Rugged Interactive is a Cornwall-based innovative company whose aim is to make it easier for people to exercise

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Selwyn’s Seaweed Snacks

For over 50 years, Selwyn’s has been making great discoveries, with a marvelous range of sea products that are made to

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SUPPER as seen on Dragons' Den


Often times, ordering home food delivery can be quite disappointing, if not outright frustrating. Getting already

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A well groomed man is the personification of elegance, confidence, style and allure. These are the principles that

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M14 Industries as seen on Dragons' Den

M14 Industries

Do you want to create a dating app or website but do not know where to start? M14 is dedicated to helping people

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HOWDAH SNACKS as seen on Dragons' Den

Howdah Snacks

Imagine the taste of savory Indian snacks exploding with flavors from aromatic spices and traditional Indian ingredients.

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AutoBlaze is quick and instant integrated stove ignition system for wood burning stoves. Do away with paper or chemical

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Micro Fitness

Micro Fitness is an award winning company that has set a name for itself as UK’s leading Fitness Company for children.

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SHNUGGLE as seen on Dragons' Den


Shnuggle is an award winning company whose aim is to make life easier for modern day parents by providing a range of

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Snugs is a company that is dedicated to providing perfect fitting earphones for ultimate and unrivaled sound quality.

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Nutrifiz is a range of effervescent wheatgrass tablets which help you to get and stay feet by providing your body

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Comb and Blade

Comb and Blade is an online retailer that provide a variety of men’s grooming products under one roof. The founders

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Watmuff and Beckett

Watmuff and Beckett was founded by two childhood friends, Watmuff and Michael Beckett,

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Braci Smart Ear

Braci Smart Ear is a technology platform that detects and recognizes a wide range of sounds,

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LINGOTOT as seen on Dragons' Den


In a rapidly globalizing world, it is important that your children know a foreign language.

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patlock as seen on Dragons' Den


Over 1000 homes in the UK are broken into each single day. In most of these cases, the entry

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