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ProperMaid as seen on Dragons' Den


ProperMaid is a bakery that supplies handmade cakes to caterers, cafes, delicatessens, and retailers. The outfit is based

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Megaflatables as seen on Dragons' Den


Megaflatables produces inflatable advertising products. The company’s line of products include inflatable product,

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Rocktails as seen on Dragons' Den


Rocktails are passionate about mixology. Each of their four blends brim with botanicals and fruits expertly selected from

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P4CK as seen on Dragons' Den


P4CK is a brand packaging company that was founded by Christopher Eves and Luke. The company offer a slew of services

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myBunjee as seen on Dragons' Den


myBunjee is a mobile phone case attachment that helps secure your mobile phone. The device simply slips over and secures

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Bionic Glove as seen on Dragons' Den

Bionic Glove Technology

Designed by a leading orthopaedic hand surgeon, Bionic Technology offers an alternative approach to gloves.

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Protec Covers as seen on Dragons' Den

Protec Covers

Protec Covers is a company that specializes in making covers for camping vehicles. The company is built on the principles of

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A Turner and Sons Sausage as seen on Dragons' Den

A Turner & Sons Sausage

A Turner and Sons Sausage is a sausage company that produces sausages using special recipes. Their traditional pork sausage

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Zapper as seen on Dragons' Den


Zapper buys unwanted stuff, no hassles and no funny business. Interested individuals send their stuff for free and Zapper will

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iCafe as seen on Dragons' Den


iCafe is a multi-award winning coffee house and internet cafe chain based in Glasgow. They aim to provide some of the best natural

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WoodBlocX as seen on Dragons' Den


WoodBlocX is a unique, patented product that can be tweaked to create almost every garden structure you can think of.

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Billy + Margot as seen on Dragons' Den

Billy + Margot

Billy + Margot is a pet food company that focuses on making a range of nutritious, healthy and delicious treats

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Intern Avenue as seen on Dragons' Den

Intern Avenue

Intern Avenue is an innovative professional hiring platform designed to connect the most talented students and graduates

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Kino-mo as seen on Dragons' Den


Kino-mo is a London-based company that develops hi-tech smart visual technologies. The company was founded in 2012 by two

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Primal Parking as seen on Dragons' Den

Primal Parking

Primal Parking Ltd. is a company that helps you retain full access over your parking lots. The product was originally designed

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YUUbag as seen on Dragons' Den


In 2010, the YUUbag was created as an innovative 2-in-1 activity backpack that cleverly combines a portable entertainment

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