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BOBO BUDDIES as seen on Dragons' Den

Bobo Buddies

Bobo Buddies backpacks are just the ideal buddy for both the child and the parent as it essentially benefits them both.

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PLAYAWAY CASE as seen on Dragons' Den

Playaway Cases

The Playaway Cases is perfect for any child as it comprises a whole load of fun. The case is a full entertainment package

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ENERGY EGG as seen on Dragons' Den

Energy Egg

Do you usually leave electrical appliances on after using them and completely forget to turn them off, wasting energy

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JOLLY DAYS s seen on Dragons' Den

Jolly Days

Started by Christian and Carolyn Van Outersterp, Jolly Days is an ideal getaway camping site for family, friends

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VINI and BAL’s as seen on Dragons' Den

Vinni and BAL’s

A result of love for Indian sauces, curiosity and cooking, Vinni & BAL’s specializes in creating authentic cook-in sauces

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THE LITTLE COFFEE BAG as seen on Dragons' Den

The Little Coffee Bag

The Little Coffee Bag contains 10 grams of Arabica roasted coffee made from bio-web and designed for use without

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SNUGGLEBUNDL as seen on Dragons' Den


The award-winning wrap bag is the only baby blanket that enables you to soothe your baby, to feed your baby discreetly

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NOURISH ME NOW as seen on Dragons' Den

NouriSH Me Now

Created by someone who needed a drink for her sport, NouriSH Me Now is the perfect smoothie in the sports nutrition market

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THEYFIT CONDOMS as seen on Dragons' Den

TheyFit Condoms

TheyFit condoms are revolutionizing safe sex. Most people hate using condoms

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MINICABIT as seen on Dragons' Den


Taxis or minicabs are one of the easiest and fastest mode of transport within cities, and are the preferred

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UNIQUE AUTOMATION as seen on Dragons' Den

Unique Automation

Tired of showering the ordinary way every single day? Unique automation comes in to offer extraordinary shower moments

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REVIVE-A-PHONE as seen on Dragons' Den


We may all have fallen victim of dropping our phones into water by accidents. In most cases, dropping your phone into water

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MAINSTAGE TRAVEL as seen on Dragons' Den

Mainstage Travel

Lovers of music festivals and extreme holiday experiences will love the sound of Mainstage Travel. Mainstage travel is a travel

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NORFOLK CORDIAL as seen on Dragons' Den

Norfolk Cordial

Norfolk products are believed to be of top quality, with good reason. The rich, fertile soils of the farmlands in Norfolk,

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HOT PINK as seen on Dragons' Den

Durham Rose

Hot Pink, which once appeared on Dragons’ Den, is now Durham Rose and is bigger and better thanks to the publicity

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YOUNG ONES as seen on Dragons' Den

Young Ones

Young Ones Apparel is for dreamers, change makers and people who know that the fun of being young and energetic begins

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