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NEO-SLIP as seen on Dragons' Den


Neo-Slip is a revolutionary product that is used as a compression stocking in the prevention Deep Vein Thrombosis.

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SEABUNG as seen on Dragons' Den


The Seabung is a cool inventive little gadget is a great addition or replacement for wooden bungs, and enables boat

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GRANNY COOL MARMALADE as seen on Dragons' Den

Granny Cool Marmalade

Since October 2012, the Granny Cool Family has been making yummy children’s marmalade and preserves. Their aim is to

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COLAPZ as seen on Dragons' Den


Space is one of the most valuable things for campers, particularly those who do not travel light, therefore anything

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FLAVOURLY as seen on Dragons' Den


Flavourly is a gourmet food subscription service that makes monthly deliveries of a box containing 10 – 15 handpicked

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MALLZEE as seen on Dragons' Den


Mallzee is a free online shopping app that is dedicated to making finding and buying clothes fast and easy, and has even

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YEE KWAN as seen on Dragons' Den

Yee Kwan

Yee Kwan is an award-winning range of 24 tasty and high quality ice creams and sorbets which draw their inspiration

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ENCLOTHED as seen on Dragons' Den


Most men either do not have the time or they do not care to shop. What if someone could do the shopping for you and all

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APPROVED FOODS as seen on Dragons' Den

Approved Food

Do you throw away food after it reaches its best before date? Well, turns out that best before dates are about the quality,

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SHOELICKS as seen on Dragons' Den


Do you want to have the look of designer heels even if you are living on a budget and cannot afford to buy the expensive

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BAGGERS ORIGINALS as seen on Dragons' Den

Baggers Originals

Baggers Originals are a set of fun, fashionable and practical rainwear sets for kids. They come with their own attached

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iGLOVE as seen on Dragons' Den


Ever tried using your touch screen device while wearing gloves? It is next to impossible. It always comes to a choice

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CLEAN HEELS as seen on Dragons' Den

Clean Heels

It’s your best friend’s wedding, and you want to look elegant in your new pair of heels. The wedding is midway at the beautiful

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TORCH APPAREL as seen on Dragons' Den

Torch Apparel

Cyclists in busy city streets have always to be on the lookout not to be knocked over by motorists who can’t seem to see them.

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PANTS ON FIRE GAMES as seen on Dragons' Den

Pants on Fire Games

If you are looking for an evening of classic gaming, switch off your electronic devices and get down to a session of

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JUST FOR TINY PEOPLE as seen on Dragons' Den

Just For Tiny People

Looking for the perfect teepee for your little child? Children love spending time in their precious teepees, but

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