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HASSLACHER’S as seen on Dragons' Den


Imagine a drink of unique tasting 100% cacao gourmet hot chocolate made from the finest South American Trinitario and Criollo

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Griplt Fixings as seen on Dragons' Den

Griplt Fixings

Griplt provides you with solutions to all your fixings problems with the snap of a finger. Founded back in 2008, Griplt

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Ukick as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for a fun game with endless tricks and stunts to master? Give Ukick a try. Ukick is a badminton inspired

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NANOTECH LABS as seen on Dragons' Den

Nanotech Labs

Are you looking for safe peel and stick products for home and office use? Nanotech labs has the solution for you.

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MALLOW AND MARSH as seen on Dragons' Den

Mallow and Marsh

A melt in the mouth experience is exactly what Mallow and Marsh is all about. Set apart from the ordinary store marshmallows,

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HOUSE TREE as seen on Dragons' Den

House Tree

Are you tired of running up and down looking for property to buy or for buyers for your house? Well, your chase

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VICTOR’S DRINKS as seen on Dragons' Den

Victor’s Drink

Earn your victory within 48 hours with Victor’s cider drinks. Victor’s drink is a make-your-own-kind-of-drink kit

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Pure as seen on Dragons' Den


Pure dog feeds are naturally dehydrated feeds that are just ideal for your dog. The pure feed comes from natural ingredients

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SPOON CEREALS as seen on Dragons' Den

Spoon Cereals

If you are looking for the perfect food to jump start your day and infuse you with energy, Spoon Cereals is just

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LOST MY NAME as seen on Dragons' Den

Lost My Name

Do you wish to give a priceless gift to a unique child? Lost My Name is your answer! Lost My Name is a personalized

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FRAME AGAIN as seen on Dragons' Den

Frame Again

Are you longing for the charm that framed photos brought to a home, well before we got lost in digital photography?

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SKRIBBIES as seen on Dragons' Den


Skribbies are just the perfect gift to get for your children. They will not only put a smile on your kid’s face, but will

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SWING PATROL as seen on Dragons' Den

Swing Patrol

The swing train is here for all who would love to learn dancing in just a day. Located in London, the Swing Patrol offers

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