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Mum2mum Market as seen on Dragons' Den

Mum2mum Market

Mum2mum Market is a platform that organizes sales of second-hand baby, children, and maternity clothes as well as other kid

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Damson as seen on Dragons' Den


Founded in 2011, Damson aims to create the ideal portable speaker for everyone. Damson speakers and headphones

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Oppo as seen on Dragons' Den


We all want to be healthy. We all deserve a treat. Oppo believes you don’t need to compromise. Oppo recognizes that food

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Open Goaaal as seen on Dragons' Den

Open Goaaal!

Open Goaaal! is a football rebounding net for your garden. The goal with this product is to help prevent balls from going outside

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Bad Brownie as seen on Dragons' Den

Bad Brownie

Bad Brownie makes amazing gourmet brownies in delicious flavours including salted caramel, peanut butter, triple chocolate

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Drink Command as seen on Dragons' Den

Drink Command

Drink Command offers an efficient solution for automatically dispensing beer at any location. The Drink Command is a high-tech

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Opus as seen on Dragons' Den


Opus offers a brand new, revolutionary take on mobile camping. The company creates a whole new category in the caravan accessory

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Slappie as seen on Dragons' Den


Slappie produces a popular gift item — the Original Slap Watch. The slap watch is a fun and funky-looking accessory

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Aerodrums as seen on Dragons' Den


Aerodrums aims to provide a portable drumming experience. It is an air-drumming instrument that simulates drumming

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Masons Beans as seen on Dragons' Den

Masons Beans

Masons Beans produces a healthier alternative to the standard, tinned baked beans. This baked beans brand offers beans

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uSHoot Studios as seen on Dragons' Den

uSHoot Studios

uSHoot Studios is a London-based photo capturing studio that focuses on taking product images for e-commerce

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Tegstove as seen on Dragons' Den


Tegstove is a novel portable gas stove that promises exceptional stability and excellent cooking performance

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Crackin’ Egg Company as seen on Dragons' Den

Crackin’ Egg Company

The Crackin’ Egg Company produces hard-boiled chicken eggs with a coloured natural coating. The eggs are coated using paint made from

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Glassbusters as seen on Dragons' Den


Glassbusters is a revolutionary point-of-use disposal for glass bottles and containers. Glassbusters is unique, patented,

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Grounded Body Scrub as seen on Dragons' Den

Grounded Body Scrub

Grounded Body Scrub is a coffee scrub company specializing in creating body care products. The company makes exfoliating coffee scrubs

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LatestFreeStuff as seen on Dragons' Den


Looking for free stuff in the UK? LatestFreeStuff curates the best freebies, samples and free stuff offers available daily

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