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Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir as seen on Dragons' Den

Bio-tiful Dairy (Kefir)

Bio-tiful Dairy is a company that makes Kefir-based milk drinks and Kefir Smoothies. These products are touted to contain

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Wireless Fitness as seen on Dragons' Den

Wireless Fitness

Wireless Fitness is an app that allows you to run you music-based fitness classes outdoors without the need for a fitness studio or any stereo

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Liquidproof as seen on Dragons' Den


Liquidproof is a hydrophobic spray that has been specifically designed to help keep surfaces clean, dry and stain-free.

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Ram Training as seen on Dragons' Den

Ram Training

Ram Training Ltd is a company that offers a custom training course for employees to support and enable them

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Tap2Tag as seen on Dragons' Den


Tap2Tag is a medical alert device designed to help first-responders and paramedics readily gain access instantly to critical

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Double as seen on Dragons' Den


Double is a unique location-based dating app that brings a new twist to traditional dating apps — double dating.

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Magloc UK as seen on Dragons' Den

Magloc UK

Magloc is a unique, simple-to-use, one-handed connector designed to work with standard collars for dogs. The handle uses a magnetic

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Crikey Bikey as seen on Dragons' Den

Crikey Bikey

The Crikey Bikey is a harness that helps kids learn biking faster in a safer environment. The harness makes bike learning more comfortable

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School Trunk as seen on Dragons' Den

School Trunk

Founded by boarding school mums, entrepreneurs and businesswomen, Dorothy McLaren and Chelsea Hayes, School Trunk

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Foldsmart as seen on Dragons' Den


Foldsmart offers an innovative alternative to traditional furniture. The company produces modular furniture in a bid to

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British Cassis as seen on Dragons' Den

British Cassis

All the way from a Herefordshire farm, British Cassis is a rich and full-bodied natural liqueur crafted from organically grown blackcurrants.

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Ride25 as seen on Dragons' Den


Ride25 is a unique cycling holiday company that provides private and corporate cycling events and tours with a twist.

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Gumigem as seen on Dragons' Den


Gumigem is a line of soft, flexible, non-toxic, washable, and chewable silicone Teething Jewellery for nursing mothers.

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Sublime Science as seen on Dragons' Den

Sublime Science

Founded by former teacher Marc Wileman (also known as Mad Marc) who holds a First Class Master’s Degree in Physics, Sublime Science

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Secret Sausages as seen from Dragons' Den

Secret Sausages

Based in Northamptonshire, Secret Sausages is a company that has set out to produce the healthiest sausages possible.

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Blue Badge Company as seen on Dragons' Den

Blue Badge Company

The Blue Badge Company is a living aid company that produces handmade leather and fabric accessories for the disabled.

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