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Cycl as seen on Dragons' Den


Cycling has a lot of health benefits like improved health, fitness levels and it is an environmentally friendlier

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Aenea as seen on Dragons' Den


Aenea is a premium beauty salon and award-winning brand specialized in various treatments like hair, beauty salon,

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A girl for all time as seen on Dragons' Den

A Girl for All Time

Mothers think that it is hard to find a toy for their daughters that can present femininity in the right way in today’s time,

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Just Bee as seen on Dragons' Den

Just Bee Drinks

Just Bee has a mission to make the most amazing spring water, without refined sugars and less than 50 calories per serving.

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Love me Beauty as seen on Dragons' Den

Love Me Beauty

For all the beauty product lovers who browse the web for days in the quest for finding the best quality beauty products,

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Bespoke Verse poetry as seen on Dragons' Den

Bespoke Verse

Sometimes we want to surprise someone special, but we can’t find the words to describe them how we feel. Bespoke Verse

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Illuminated Apparel as seen on Dragons' Den

Illuminated Apparel

Illuminated Apparel has a creative innovation for the old T-shirt industry. The new brand from London combined new technology

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Waxu as seen on Dragons' Den


Women know that intimate waxing is not the most pleasant experience and if not done with a good wax and good technique,

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Handy Scoop as seen on Dragons' Den

Handy Scoop

Handy Scoop will make cleaning after your dog an easy task, make your life easier. Handy Scoop is designed to be easy to use and can carry

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Not Dogs as seen on Dragons' Den

Not Dogs

Sometimes as a vegetarian, it is difficult to find quality delicious fast food available. Not Dogs is an unique choice

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Igloo Disco as seen on Dragons' Den

Igloo Disco

Igloo Disco is a London-based company that provides marquee hire for different events in a fun, unique way

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Love Keep Create as seen on Dragons' Den

Love Keep Create

If you have old and used clothes for your baby, and you don’t want to throw them away because there is sentimental value

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Tickx as seen on Dragons' Den


Are you a person who loves to go clubbing or enjoy your favorite music artists at the live concerts? Maybe you are a passionate

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Go Gafoor as seen on Dragons' Den

Go Gafoor

Street food is becoming more and more popular every day. Go Gafoor aims to bring the best street food markets from

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Snaffling Pig as seen on Dragons' Den

Snaffling Pig Co

Snaffling Pig Co. is a company that sells everything related to pigs. It is most famous for their original Pig Cracklings.

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i-Stay as seen on Dragons' Den


People who wear heavy bags on their shoulders know how irritating it can be when your bag constantly slips from your shoulder.

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