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Appy Parking as seen on Dragons' Den

Appy Parking

Appy Parking is an app that gives you accurate and real-time information about street parking all across London

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Pit Pat Pet as seen on Dragons' Den

Pit Pat

Pit Pat is a fitness activity tracker specially designed for dogs, which tracks different activities like running, walking,

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My Plinth as seen on Dragons' Den


Nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a day without using one of the modern technologies like laptops, tablets,

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Kokoso as seen on Dragons' Den


Every parent wants what is best for their children and their health. So it is very important that we know

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Magiled as seen on Dragons' Den

Magi Led UK

Magi Led is founded by Ran Sohal. It is a company specialized in production of solid-state LED (light emitting diode)

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Cocofina as seen on Dragons' Den


Cocofina is a coconut product based company. The name Cocofina literally means coconut water and Cocofina is founded

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DAIO as seen on Dragons' Den


Almost anyone has had the situation where they rushed from the house in a hurry, and then later stresses and

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Little Belters as seen on Dragons' Den

Little Belters

Little Belters is a choir catering to children between ages 5-11. The choir is orchestrated and managed by professional

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Foam Aroma as seen on Dragons' Den

Foam Aroma UK

Regular, everyday coffee lids don’t provide us with the best coffee drinking experience. Passionate coffee lovers all

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Marxman as seen on Dragons' Den


Have you ever been in a situation where you had to hold the kitchen sink with one hand, and at the same time mark the point

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Beauty Boulevard as seen on Dragons' Den

Beauty Boulevard

Beauty Boulevard is an online retailer of beauty products, most popular for its unique and innovative product called Glitter Lips.

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Perios as seen on Dragons' Den


Peri’os is a restaurant chain that provides customers with special and unique dining experience.

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Spatap as seen on Dragons' Den


Spatap is an eco-friendly outdoor tap and shower. It has a very simple design but is made from high quality and eco-friendly products.

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