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Relax Kids as seen on Dragons' Den

Relax Kids

Relax Kids aims to create a positive atmosphere for your children.

Sensory problems are among the very pervasive social

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Concrete Canvas as seen on Dragons' Den

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas is a substance technology that introduces a brand new strategy to work with concrete.

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Circaroma as seen on Dragons' Den


Circaroma is a skincare business focusing on supplying skincare products that are organic. It wants people

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Degreeart as seen on Dragons' Den


One of the UK’s first Online Art Galleries, over the past 12 years, DegreeArt.com has established itself

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StyleBible as seen on Dragons' Den


Stylebible.com is an all-purpose website aiming to be number one in luxury living. It prides itself

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Shewee as seen on Dragons' Den


SHEWEE is the original female urinating device since 1999. Without removing any of your clothes

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Tennis is Mental as seen on Dragons' Den

Tennis is Mental

Tennis is Mental is a book to improve your tennis game. Tennis is a demanding game with a strong

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Dust bubble as seen on Dragons' Den

Dust Bubble

DustBubbles are disposable dust collectors for industrial drills or DIY. They collect almost all the dust

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RakaStaka as seen on Dragons' Den


Storing bottles in the fridge takes up so much space in the fridge. The shape of the bottle makes it difficult

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