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Trunki suitcase as seen on Dragons' Den


Trunki manufactures traveling products for children designed to be both practical and playful.

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Itsa Beach Towel as seen on Dragons' Den

Itsa Beach Towel

The Itsa Bag/Towel is a practical beach towel that doubles as storage unit for your belongings while you are on the beach.

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Autosafe as seen on Dragons' Den


Do you want to enjoy your ride with your loved ones at the backseat without any worry about how they are seated? If yes

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Nuts Poker League as seen on Dragons' Den

Nuts Poker League

The nuts poker league is a pub-based tournament that is open for anyone above 18 years of age and is interested in the game

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Dr. Cap as seen on Dragons' Den

Dr. Cap

Set up in 2004, Dr. Cap specializes in the sale of branded new era caps and urban wear. The company is proud of

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UK Truck Clean as seen on Dragons' Den

UK Truck Clean

UK Truck Clean provides “gantry style” cleaning solutions for both the Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and the Passenger Service Vehicles

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