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Safe-T-First as seen on Dragons' Den


Emergency lighting is crucial in all places occupied by people as it helps avert potential risks and accidents.

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razzamataz theatre school as seen on Dragons' Den

Razzamataz Theatre School

Do you spot a budding talent in your kid? Are you wondering what to do about it? Well, worry no more.

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Rotamate as seen on Dragons' Den


Rotamate is a brand of environmental friendly washing line cover that protects your laundry so you don’t have to worry about unpredictable weather.

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iTeddy as seen on Dragons' Den


Want a fun and educative play thing for your kid? I-Teddy has got you covered, with play and learning all wrapped

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Igloo as seen on Dragons' Den


Igloo is a multi- temperature refrigerated service aimed at delivering frozen and chilled products nationwide.

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Reggae Reggae Sauce as seen on Dragons' Den

Reggae Reggae Sauce

Put some music in your food! For the lovers of spicy barbecue try the reggae reggae source which is well known

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