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The Chocbox as seen on Dragons' Den

The Chocbox

It is important to protect and insulate electrical connections, not only for our safety but also for a good working environment.

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Fit Fur Life as seen on Dragons' Den

Fit Fur Life

Looking for a company passionate about the fitness and health of dogs? Look no further. Fit Fur Life is a company that is concerned

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Steri Spray as seen on Dragons' Den

Steri Spray

Steri Sprays are commercially made showers that prevent the risk of legionella. Using failsafe technology, Steri Sprays ensure

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Hungry House as seen on Dragons' Den

Hungry House

Have you ever found yourself craving that tasty burger or pizza but you are either too tired or too busy to walk to the nearby restaurant

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Waterbuoy as seen on Dragons' Den

Water Buoy

This small yet versatile and strong device with a variety of applications is just what you need if you worry about

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Cush n Shade as seen on Dragons' Den


We all love and enjoy the feeling of unwinding at the beach, enjoying the beautiful sun rays and the cool breeze. If you

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REESTORE as seen on Dragons' Den


Did you know that your waste products can be recycled into beautiful products for use again? Reestore is the place to go

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Youdoodoll as seen on Dragons' Den


Do you want to get yourself, your friend, parent or sibling a personalized gift? Then try the Youdoodoll

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Goldgenie as seen on Dragons' Den


Just like King Midas turned everything he touched into gold, Goldgenie gives your items a Midas touch. As a company, Goldgenie aims to

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Beach Break Live as seen on Dragons' Den

Beach Break Live

The mention of a weekend getaway at the beach with friends or family is like music to ears. The oceanic scenery brings

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