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Road Refresher Dog Bowl as seen on Dragons' Den

Road Refresher Dog Bowl

The Road Refresher is a non-spill pet bowl that reduces your pet’s water dribble and puddles by up to 90%.

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Tiny Box as seen on Dragons' Den

Tiny Box

What do you do with your waste paper products? Throw them into the shredder? Burn them? Well, not only is that bad

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Blindsinabox as seen on Dragons' Den


BlindsinABox are cheap, easy to install temporary blinds for use when you’ve recently moved and haven’t had the time

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Magic Pizza as seen on Dragons' Den

Magic Pizza

Are you tired of eating pizzas with a ‘soggy middle’? Magic Pizza provides you with the perfect solution so you can now enjoy your pizza

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Guy Portelli Sculpture Studio as seen on Dragons' Den

Guy Portelli Sculpture Studio

Guy Portelli is a South Africa born world renowned sculptor with a reputation for classical sculptures. Following a 2008

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Planit toastabags as seen on Dragons' Den

Planit Toastabags

If you are a lover of toasties, get yourself these special made toastabags and enjoy a warm toastie

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Magic White Board as seen on Dragons' Den

Magic White Board

The magic whiteboard is just perfect for any office meeting, classroom work, training session or conferences.

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Rapstrap as seen on Dragons' Den


Cables from electronics or wiring systems tend to be a nuisance if left lying around or hanging. If they are passing

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The fuel angel as seen on Dragons' Den

The Fuel Angel

The Fuel Angel is a misfuel prevention device that is fitted on any diesel vehicle by replacing the existing filler cap

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Light Emotions as seen on Dragons' Den

Light Emotions

Emotions are affected by light. Bright light heightens emotions, whether they are positive or negative.

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Hamfatter band as seen on Dragons' Den

Hamfatter band

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Hamfatter band? The band that went on the hit TV show “Dragon’s Den” and received money

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