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Media displays as seen on Dragons' Den

Media Displays

Media Displays is a digital advertising company that offers mobile services. The company controls a band of versatile mobile

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Power8workshop as seen on Dragons' Den


The Power8workshop is the world’s first cordless workstation. This product is designed to cater to the machinery needs of

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Value My Stuff as seen on Dragons' Den

Value My Stuff

Value My Stuff is a platform that provides professional and informed appraisals of all your items. The company offer valuing

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The Wand Company as seen on Dragons' Den

The Wand Company

The Wand Company is a UK-based electronic company that manufactures universal gesture-based controllers in varying designs

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Surviva Jak as seen on Dragons' Den

Surviva Jak

Surviva Jak is an emergency jacket for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and mountaineering. The kit offers an excellent tool

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Funky Moves as seen on Dragons' Den

Funky Moves

Funky Moves is a new active and interactive gaming system that is a fun way to motivate kids to think, move and play.

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Peel Engineering as seen on Dragons' Den

Peel Engineering

Peel Engineering manufactures the world’s smallest car which is also powered by an electric motor. With a length of

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Wedge Welly as seen on Dragons' Den

Wedge Welly

The Wedge Welly is a wellington boots with a wedge. The website offers a range of funky Wellies, rubber Wellington

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Lumacoustic’s Yrwall as seen on Dragons' Den


Yrwall is a “Digital Graffiti Wall” developed by Luma, an event management company. With Yrwall, designs are created

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Hawksdrift Falconry as seen on Dragons' Den

Hawksdrift Falconry

Hawksdrift Falconry is dedicated to the promotion of falcons as a traditional country sport and to the conservation,

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FGH Security as seen on Dragons' Den

FGH Security

FGH security is a security provider that supplies security personnel across northwest UK for a large variety of events.

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Golfer’s Mate as seen on Dragons' Den

Golfer’s Mate

The Golfer’s Mate is a 3-in-1 golf accessory that includes a pitch-mark repairer, ball marker and sharpener.

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Vintage Patisserie as seen on Dragons' Den

Vintage Patisserie

Based in France, The Vintage Patisserie is a 40’s themed company that offers fairytale-like vintage weddings and other

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Kirstys as seen on Dragons' Den


Kirsty’s started out in 2012 as a healthy alternative to traditional ice-cream. The company focused on creating a

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Pebblebed Vineyard as seen on Dragons' Den

Pebblebed Vineyard

Pebblebed Vineyard offers a surreal opportunity to wine lovers – the chance to own your own vines! Using a modern variant

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