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Roastcosy as seen on Dragons' Den


Roastcosy is the latest in kitchen equipment for roast. Roastcosy helps you relax and rest your Sunday roast

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Shoot It Yourself as seen on Dragons' Den

Shoot It Yourself

Shoot It Yourself is a UK-based professional video hiring and editing firm established by Andrea and Becs, formerly TV

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Eco-Pod as seen on Dragons' Den


Popularly known as Eco-Pod, EcoHab is a construction firm that offers green buildings that aim to achieve zero carbon emissions

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Bannatyne Music as seen on Dragons' Den

Bannatyne Music

Bannatyne Music is a fast rising music recording label formerly known as the RKA records. It was set up in October 2010 by

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Kiddomoto as seen on Dragons' Den


Kiddimoto is a UK-based bike company that produces different balance bikes for children. Operating from its headquarters

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Barmate as seen on Dragons' Den


Barmate offers a convenient alternative to pool side service in hotels. Barmate is a hands-free, pint-pulling product

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AB Performance as seen on Dragons' Den

AB Performance

AB Performance is a custom car outfit that produces bike engineered cars. Based off in Suffolk, the company pulls from

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JogPost as seen on Dragons' Den


Welcome to JogPost, a direct marketing company that specializes in getting leaflets and flyers from companies to the average

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BoginaBag as seen on Dragons' Den


BoginaBag is a unique and lightweight portable toilet. This innovative toilet solution is excellent for a different people

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Roller Signs as seen on Dragons' Den

Roller Signs

Roller Signs is a unique media product that retrofits and transforms industry standard retractable belt barriers

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Unique Ideas UK as seen on Dragons' Den

Unique Ideas UK

Unique Ideas UK is an entertainment company that design, make, hire, deliver, and even run, interactive games all over the UK.

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Fun Fancy Dress as seen on Dragons' Den

Fun Fancy Dress

Fun Fancy Dress is a fancy-dress shop business and franchise. They offer a selection of fancy dress costumes for all ages.

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Duvalay as seen on Dragons' Den


The Rasket Memory Foam is a zip-up memory foam mattress and duvet combo that aims to be the go to option for mobile mattresses.

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